About Us

Mary Ann Wheaton has spent the better part of her career as a senior level executive and CEO launching prestigious
fashion designers and expanding their brands globally. Commuting almost weekly, between New York and Paris for
such designers as Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Lacroix, she went on to serve as the
interim CEO for the red carpet designer Marchesa. More recently, it was the 150 million dollar UK brand, LK Bennett
under her direction for their US launch.
However, it was years ago that Ms. Wheaton discovered the need for a magnified beauty collection. Stuck in traffic, late
for a meeting she was forced to apply her makeup from memory. “It was the first time I realized I was losing my perfect
eyesight. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize it early enough, applying one eye in a typical almond shape and the other in a
cat eye. All day I looked as if I was winking. When I finally discovered it…20/20 Vision Cosmetics as a concept was
Continuing her global travels while launching companies for others, it was only recently she became satisfied with the
products to add to the perfect magnified collection of beauty. Now, with a trademark in place and a patent pending on
the magnified compact she is ready to share beauty magnified with the ultimate consumer.


Simon Critchell, began his career with the Luxury Division of L’Oreal, first in Paris and then in Canada. L’Oreal moved
him to the US where he was promoted to President of the Lancôme Division. After an enormously successful time at the
helm of Lancome, the Richemont Group coaxed him away to run the prestigious Cartier, as president and CEO of North
America. Eleven years later, the same group moved him to their global headquarters in London to revitalize the luxury
brand Alfred Dunhill. Subsequently Mr. Critchell, held a long term consulting position with the Zegna Group, and in
addition, held advisory board positions for PRESCRIBED solutions LLC, the New York Academy of Art and the Whitney
Museum. More recently, he has partnered in the enormously successful Topping Rose House Hotel, Spa and Restaurant
in Bridgehampton, New York.
With the ability to see a market place clearly and the talent to position brands globally, Mr. Critchell is now lending his
attention to 20/20 Vision Cosmetics. Upon seeing the concept and the product, he said “This product line is not only
elegant and well-designed it is also a fabulous problem solver…what more do you need?”

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